3Dose™ Syringe

3Dose™ syringes are specially developed for the application of botulinum toxin and mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine. Thanks to the three dosage adjustment modes, 3Dose™ injectors eliminate the risk of errors in the amount applied, thus allowing savings and the achievement of consistancy in results.

They come in two types 3Dose™ Injectors Orange and 3Dose™ Injectors Green depending on what type of BoNT is used.

DEXEM Repair

Dexem Repair is a plant-based cream (Aloe Barbadensis extract) for the treatment of Atopic dermatitis and other skin inflammations associated with itching and erythema

It contains the 2QR complex which prevents bacterial and fungal skin infections

It does not contain corticosteroids

Quickly reduces skin itching and rashes

Suitable for all ages including children, infants and pregnant women

Can be used in combination with other anti-inflammatory products

Available in pharmacies around the country


Vials of injectable collagen combined with natural substances for the treatment of musculoskeletal disease

There are 13 different types for different anatomical areas

They strengthen the collagen structures of muscles and joints and, thus, decrease the pain and help regain normal motor functions

No side effects

Can be applied via injection or via the GUNAPHORESIS device.

GUNA MD-Tissue is used for wrinkle smoothing, because it physiologically strengthens the collagen structure of the skin and improves its lines and elasticity. GUNA MD-Tissue is also used for transforming scars from surgery, injuries or stretch marks.

GUNA MD-Matrix increases the skin microcirculation and that is why it is used in esthetic medicine for the treatment of cellulitis, double chin etc

Available in pharmacies around the country


Physiotherapeutic device allowing GUNA MDs to be applied on the skin

Gunaphoresis uses a magnetic field and biophoton rays to apply GUNA MDs

No injections, no side effects and lack of discomfort

Large depth of penetration (30mm) and high percentage of product absorption

Recommended dosage: once a day for 10 days with 10-15mins of procedure lengths

TSK STERiJECT Premium Hub Needles

Special ultrathin needles for use in esthetic dermatology (mesotherapy, botulinum toxin,

33G x 13mm 1/2 “, box of 100

32G x 4mm 3/16 “, box of 100

30G x 13mm 1/2 “, box of 100

Invisible Needle 0.2 x 9mm 3/8“, box of 100

Ultrathin walls and larger needle inner diameter

Reduced push strength needed with an easier controlled injection

Easy to use by the doctor, atraumatic for the patient.


Recognized as the “gold standard” of cannulas, this product from TSK outperforms any other competitor in the market.

25G x 38mm 1 1/2 “, box of 20

22G x 50mm 2 “, box of 20

22G x 70mm 2-3/4 “, box of 20

Practitioners can see and feel the end of the cannula tip. Delivery of filler near the end of the tip creates a more accurate sense of filler placement. It also reduces product loss in the tip ending.

Patented dome shaped tip creates less resistance than a traditional cannula tip. This reduces the cannula introduction force needed and the risk of bruising.

Made of the highest quality steel with a proprietary surface treatment which improves cannula handling and reduces patient discomfort

Clear side-port marking on the polymer hub for more accurate filler delivery.

Every box contains introductory needles for each cannula!

Thelan Balm

Thelan Balm е балсам произвoдство на гръцката фармацевтична компания BENOSTAN Health Products S.A.


BENOSTAN Thelan Balm е с изцяло натурален растителен състав. Може да се използва за подготовка на зърната преди кърмене от 4-тия месец на бремеността, a при напукани или раздразнени зърна – през периода на кърмене.


По време на кърмене BENOSTAN Thelan Balm подпомага възстановяването на естесвеното ниво на кожните липиди, кото може да бъде засегнато от често кърмене или напукани зърна.

Prenatale Cream

Стрии възникват в дермата, когато кожата е подложена на силно разтягане за кратък период от време e.g. пубертет, бременност, рязка промяна на теглото.


BENOSTAN Prenatale cream е с основа маслиново масло, екстракт от лайка и мастикc – състав с високо съдържание на антиоксиданти и витамини, които хидратират и предпазват кожата.


Подобрявайки елестичността и здравината ѝ,те подпомагат възстановяването ѝ от стриите.


Попива бързо в кожата и не оставя следи по дрехите.


Low dose mixed product, which combines with other interleukins or therapies for the relief of symptoms of bone damage (fractures, osteoporosis).


Citomix is a combination of low dose cytokines and homeopathic substances for the stimulation of the nonspecific immunity during infectious disease

Citomix can be used for:

  • Prevention of infectious disease
  • Flu and virus treatment
  • As combination when treating severe inflammatory conditions of infectious origin

GUNA Growth Factors


The first oral systemic therapy rejuvenating the entire skin.


GUNA FGF, GUNA PDGF, GUNA EGF – low dose recombinant growth factors that can be used in combination with other interleukins or as supplementary therapy. It causes a signaling transduction leading to the stimulation of the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin of the entire body.

GUNA Low Dose Medicine

GUNA Anti-IL 1 – low dose recombinant interleukin-1 for treating severe chronic disease linked with inflammation. Can be used in combination with other interleukins or as supplementary therapy.

GUNA IL 10 – low dose recombinant interleukin-10 for treating chronic disease linked with inflammation. Can be used in combination with other interleukins or as supplementary therapy.

GUNA IL 4 – low dose recombinant interleukin-4 for treating chronic autoimmune disease linked with inflammation. Can be used in combination with other interleukins or as supplementary therapy.

GUNA INF-γ and IL 12– low dose recombinant products that are used when treating atopic dermatitis.


  • “The first oral systemic therapy that rejuvenates the whole skin”. GUNA Laboratories Milan, Italy are known worldwide for their medicinal products that are effective and without side effects. Research in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry, applied to medicinal plants and biological molecules obtained......

  • Intellect Pharma Plus has received its ISO Certification for Quality management in July 2022. The company’s system was audited and registered by MG Global against the provisions of ISO 9001:2015....

  • V. Prokopiev Intellect Pharma Plus, Bulgaria Abstract. GUNA Low Dose Medicine uses at first time low dose interleukins, growth factors, neuropeptides and hormones. GUNA Low Dose cytokines are in concentration of pico- and femtograms and they undergo technology called Sequential Kinetic Activation (SKA). Th1 and Th17......

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Who are we?

Intellect Pharma Plus was founded on 01.01.2011. Our company’s main purpose is the promotion, marketing and distribution of drugs (we have a licensed drugs warehouse since January 2012), medical devices and cosmetics in Bulgaria.

Our primary strategic goal is to enrich our pharmaceutical portfolio with unique and innovative products in our area of expertise (dermatology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, neurology, rheumatology, esthetic medicine and pediatrics).

Way of working

  • Optimal and flexible structure with swift result-oriented decision-making process.
  • Managers use US-developed marketing models aimed at quickly transforming new products into market leaders:
    New product=>Reduction of market entry time=>Optimization of expenses=>Market leader
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